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What is Dimensie?

Dimensie has been the study association for Psychology and Educational Sciences & Technology at the University of Twente since the 30th of November 1981. On the 7th of September 2015 it was decided to make Dimensie the study association for Psychology only.

Dimensie offers her members the possibility for personal development and support within and outside of the study. Furthermore Dimensie organizes study-related activities like lectures, excursions, a workfield day and a symposium. Dimensie also organizes leisure activities to help bring members into contact outside of classes in a more informal way.


It's our Birthday!

Dimensie is sixteen now! 

Minor market 2018

On Wednesday March 28th 2018 the minor market will take place in the Vrijhof building. At this market, you can get information about the many...

Best lecturer Psychology

At the start of April, the Dimensie and the UT will reward the best lecturer within the Psychology study program. By clicking this link, you...

Workshops Stressmanagement

If you have problems with study stress, the office for Student Affairs and Counselling (SACC) offers you a one-time possiblility to join a...

Excursion psychiatric unit, Sign up!

On the 29th of March, we will visit the psychiatric unit FPC Dr. S. van Mesdag in Groningen again! If you are curious about the daily affairs...

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