Dimensie is the Study Association to support Psychology students at the University of Twente. 

As a Study Association, we try to facilitate the connection between the study Psychology and its students as well as constantly trying to improve the quality of their education. Apart from this, we organize lectures, workshops, and sports & social activities. 

Within the Study Association Dimensie, we also like to give our students the chance to further develop their qualities in one of our committees. These committees organize different activities such as a trip to a city in Europe, lunch lectures, drinks, sports activities, and proms. Next to this, we even have a committee that writes blogs.

You can contact us via email and don't forget to check out our Instagram account! 

20th Board of Dimensie
A time to reconnect


First-Year Bowling
  • Social
  • Bowling Enschede
Waterski Event
  • Social
  • Rutbeek, Enschede


21st Candidate Board 

We are happy to present the 21st Candidate Board of Dimensie to you. They are really excited to make your next academic year amazing and full of fun events! 

Chair - Tijani Nagra
Secretary - Marie Fobbe
Treasurer - Naomi Loffeld
Internal & External Affairs - Lieke Winter
Educational Affairs - Quim Comas