Assassination Game: Chapter 2
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What is Dimensie?

Dimensie has been the study association for Psychology and Educational Sciences & Technology at the University of Twente since the 30th of November 1981. On the 7th of September 2015 it was decided to make Dimensie the study association for Psychology only.

Dimensie offers her members the possibility for personal development and support within and outside of the study. Furthermore Dimensie organizes study-related activities like lectures, excursions, a workfield day and a symposium. Dimensie also organizes leisure activities to help bring members into contact outside of classes in a more informal way.


Trial against internationalization UT started

As the UToday reports today, the lawsuit against the UT was filed and the trial was opened in Utrecht yesterday. According to the BON, the UT...

Psychoanalysis summer university (Dutch)

Summer University Psychoanalyse 2 t/m 6 juli Amsterdam We menen beslissingen te nemen op grond van onze ratio, maar weten vaak al voordat we...

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