If you have any questions or just want to come by, don't hesitate to contact us! You can do this by coming by the Rubix (the association room of Dimensie), which is located in the Cubicus, B111. The association room is always opened on Monday - Thursday between 09:00 - 16:00 and on Friday 09:00 - 12:30. If you want to reach us by phone or email, you can use the following contact details: 

Phone number: +31 6 45 570 448

General mail address:


Bonny van der Aa


You can contact Bonny for questions that concern the Chairwoman, questions about the committees GalaCie, AcCie, and CondiCie, and Symposium as well as for personal questions. 



Phyllis Kohlbecher


You can contact Phyllis for questions that concern the Secretary, questions about the committees MerCie, KIC'D, and ExpediCie, as well as for personal questions. 



Nynke Kreuwel

Treasurer & Commissioner of Educational Affairs & Commissioner of Books​

You can contact Nynke for questions that concern the Treasurer, the Educational Affairs or Commissioner of Books, questions about the committees RedacCie, EducaCie, GreenCie, and the Cash Audit Committee, as well as for personal questions. 



​​​​​​​Elva Beeftink

Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Internationalisation

You can contact Elva for questions that concern the Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Internationalisation, questions about the committees PromoCie, ConnexCie, and CareerWeek, as well as for personal questions. 



Emma Boschman

Commissioner of External Affairs

You can contact Emma for questions that concern the commissioner of External Affairs, questions about the committees EuroTrip, XTCie, and the First-Year Committee, as well as for personal questions.