The Rubix (Association Room)

Opening hours: Monday - Friday; 09:00 - 16:00

The Rubix is the association room Dimensie and is located next to study associations Communiqué and Ideefiks. It’s the ideal spot for students to come together during lecture days and have a chat with others and drink something. There’s always free coffee and tea! So have a cup of coffee and come chill on the nice couches! There are also workplaces where you can do homework or study for the upcoming exams.

The Rubix can be found in the Langezijds building, room number 2505.

Rubix Duty
During the opening hours of the association room, there is always a board member who’s in charge of the room. This board member is the primary person to ask all the things you need from the board. Don’t hesitate to walk into the Rubix if you are searching for a board member, to ask questions, give suggestions for cool activities, and give feedback.

Free Printing
When you go to the Rubix, you can have 10 pages per week of free printing when you are a Dimensie member.

In the cupboard underneath the coffee machine, there’s a wide array of board games that can be played anytime. A few examples are Cards against humanity, Chess, Jenga, 30 seconds, Twister, Halli Galli, and many more!

Nintendo Switch
You can play the Nintendo Switch in the Rubix! Dimensie has 4 controllers and lots of games. Play a game of Mario Kart, beat your friends at tennis or find out who’s best at bowling! If you can’t find the Nintendo Switch ask the board to set it up.

Magazines                                                                                                                                                                                Many magazines like Psychologie magazine or TIME Magazine are available. (Beware! Many of these are in Dutch!).

Snack closet
If you want a cheap snack you can come to the Rubix! There’s a snack closet and a fridge where you can buy different snacks for small prices. Examples are Noodles, Doritos, Bueno's, or a can of Coke, Sprite, or Fanta. You can just grab something you like and add it to your name on the tablet. Are you not in the Snack system yet? Sign up here

Fruit                                                                                                                                                                                        Dimensie gets a box filled with fruit every week! Feel free to grab a nice banana, tangerine, apple or anything else :)