Online Systems

At the University of Twente, we make use of some online systems which are sometimes confusing or hard to find. To help you out a little bit, we've decided to make a list of the most important websites used by the study Psychology at the UT.


You can use Osiris to register yourself for the modules you're taking, this means that you have to do this for each module! Next to this, you can find your grades, study progress, and information about quartiles and subjects you can register for! If you have any questions about Osiris, you can contact Student Services:



This is the online learning environment that is used by the UT. Here, you can find all the study material, such as PowerPoint slides presented during the lectures, practice exams, exercises, and messages from tutors. As a student, you will most likely use this platform on a daily basis. As well as for Osiris, if you have any questions, you can contact Student Services:



You can find your schedules for the lectures, practicals, and exams on this website. When you register your schedules, you can also decide to connect these to your Google Calendar so that you don't miss any changes in your schedule! 



Make sure that you check your student email regularly, as relevant information about your studies will be sent to this email. With this email, you can also find the student emails of your fellow students which can be quite convenient! 

Library and ICT


On this website, you can find the University Library, FindUT (a search engine for scholarly articles), manuals about Eduroam, and VPN connections. A VPN connection is used so that you can access a lot of scholarly articles outside of the University terrain. 

Notebook Service Center 


On this website from the NSC, you can find useful information about your laptop, if you have bought it through the UT. Next to this, you can also download a lot of software for free that you might need during your studies.