At the end of the late 1970's the study association TObias was founded as a study association for Applied Educational Science ("Toegepaste Onderwijskunde"), later transferred to Educational Science ("Onderwijskunde"). Approximately 20 years later, it was announced that Applied Educational Science would be changed to the study Psychology at the University of Twente and the first students started to study the bachelor Psychology from september 2002. 

The initial idea was to create a new study association called 'Pavlov', just for Psychology students. Unfortunately, this was not possible. Therefore, Psychology students joined the association TObias. The name of this association changed into Dimensie on the 24th of January, 2003, during a General Members Assembly. Many years later, Educational Science students founded their own associations that is called "Komma" untill today. Since then, Dimensie has been a study associaton only for Psychology students at the University of Twente. 

The name 'Dimensie' was created by Adam Handelzaltz, a former TObias board member and teacher at the University of Twente. The idea behind the name Dimensie was that it was a study association for two students that dealt with people, Psychology and Educational Science. Adam Handelzaltz also thought of a Logo which he created together with his brother. The idea was that the association gave another dimension to your studies. After this, the logo of Dimensie changed to the 'green hand' ('groene hand'), as we know it now. It was chosen to create a hand as this is symbolic for humans. 

The Rubix is the association room of Dimensie as you know it now. Back in the days, the Rubix was just a hallway in the Cubicus. In 2005, the hallway of the Cubicus was traded for the Rubix and there was a great party to celebrate this change.

From 2008 Dimensie started selling books and started a snacks closet where members could always be provided with a nice snack and some drinks. This was developed by the 4th board of Dimensie and it has always been here ever since. 

An interesting aspect to know about is that Psychology has not always been international. From 2016 on, Psychology started accepting International students and the language changed to English. This change made the study and association grow tremendously. More and more students, especially from Germany, started coming to the University of Twente.