The Commissioner Books checks which books are needed for the upcoming course. We are cooperating with and are able to offer our members a discount no all books. If you want to order books by yourself then you can find the list with the needed material on OSIRIS. 

Unfortunately, that information is not always up to date, that is why we contact the staff to find out which books you need. 

Order books

You can always order books by clicking the link down below. if you have any trouble ordering the books here, please contact the Commissioner Books via

The terms and conditions for ordering books can be found here. Dimensie is obligated to adhere to these terms and conditions by ordering books via the site you state that you have read and accepted the aforementioned terms and conditions. 

Click here to order your books

Select your year and select the books you need.

Pick up your books?

First-year students can pick up their first batch of books of books in the Rubix during the first week of the academic year. For all other quartiles and modules, the books can be delivered to your specific address. If you are living outside the Netherlands the delivery costs are 9,95€. You can always ship them to the Rubix to same the delivery costs and time. 


There are a lot of questions about the Track&Trace code that you receive after ordering. The usual delivery time is up to five business days. The code will be mailed one or two days after the order is shipped instead of after the order confirmation. 

Because of the delivery time and the possibility of problems with the printing of books, it is a good idea to order some time before the beginning of the module, so you can start right away. 

You will get notified as soon as the webshop opens for a new quartile, so you can order your books on time.