EuroTrip Committee

We are organizing an amazing trip to a city in Europe. Around the end of April we will hopefully visit a beautiful place in Europe with as many people as possible. We are currently planning the trip itself, but there will also be an announcement drink later in the year. The benefits of joining this committee include that you'll know before anyone else where we're going. You can influence which activities we will do. Furthermore, we are a committee with many different people and backgrounds, which is very interesting.

At the moment we are not necessarily looking for new members, but if you are very interested we are of course happy to add you to our team! We have a meeting once a week. Often everyone has action points so there is also some preparation work involved, but this is not very much either. I think with 2/3 hours on average per week you do everything neatly.

You can reach the EuroTrip committee via email

The Eurotrip committee 2023/2024 consists of:

ChairRadiana Duhteva
Secretary Simon Rootmensen
TreasurerDina Ospanova
General MemberAntonia Marie Freiberg
General MemberSina Dirks
Board RepresentativeEmma Boschman