EuroTrip Committee

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The EuroTrip committee is a committee that organises a 4 – 6 day long trip to a destination somewhere in Europe.

This committee starts off with agreeing on a destination and then: What do we do there? Is the weather good enough? What is not too expensive? 
How do you get there? Where do you sleep? What are you going to do there? If all of this is settled, you can start promoting the trip with information lunches and drinks. When there are enough enthusiastic participants it's time to make the trip perfect and wait for the best part of the year!

You can reach the EuroTrip committee via email

The Eurotrip committee 2021/2022 consists of:

ChairDana van Mourik
TreasurerTwan ten Hoopen
PRNika Balen
General MemberAleksandra Bekerytè
General MemberQuim Comas Colomer
General MemberMarie Fobbe
General MemberRobin Koch
Board RepresentativeSabin Kerwien Lopez