Cash Audit Committee

The Cash Audit Committee (CAC) checks the treasurer by controlling the folders, bookkeeping system and bank account. We also count the cash money and read through the financial documents for each GMA. If you join the committee, you will learn a lot about finances and accounting which can be beneficial for your CV but also your own personal finances.We usually have around 4-8 meetings a year where we also eat together and discuss a lot of things. Excluding the long meetings, the workload is around 10 hours a year. If you are interested in joining the CAC, send an email to!

The CAC 2023-2024 consists of:

Treasurer Dimensie BoardNynke Kreuwel
ChairJenny Nguyen
General MemberNaomi Loffeld
General MemberAllegra Passmann
General MemberTheresa Höfker
General MemberTom Grooters
General MemberMario van der Wal Agraz