The RedacCie is the committee responsible for Dimensie’s Blog on the website. Every other week we publish a short text about a Psychology or lifestyle-related topic: You can expect interesting stories, fun facts, reviews, experience descriptions, educational articles, and much more… Once a month we publish a Dimensie Newsletter including updates and upcoming events, a review of a past event, the quote of the month, and a fun anecdote of one of the writers.

In this committee, you get a lot of insight into a lot of different topics and you have a reason to research further into things that interest you. You are always up-to-date with Dimensie and you improve your writing skills. Furthermore, you get the chance to work together with a great group of people that has a similar interest as you. We meet once a week before the publishing date and discuss the process. Next to that, each committee member writes approximately one post per month and we work all together on the monthly newsletter. For the rest of this year, we have established some ideas of posts that we would like to work on but there are still a lot of spots open, so feel free to shoot us your ideas. 

So, if you enjoy writing and reading, this committee is the right choice! We work together and come up with our own ideas: So basically you can write whatever you want! If you have a fun idea for a blog post and have already written it: You can send it to us! And if you are interested in joining the committee, let us know!

The RedacCie 2023/2024 consists of:

ChairIris Ruel
SecretaryMarie Fobbe
General MemberJinke Venema
Board representative Nynke Kreuwel