Career Week Committee

The CareerWeek committee is organizing a week in which Psychology students can learn more about the paths they can take to Psychology careers and can follow workshops and talks oriented more towards professional self-development. Throughout the week we invite speakers from all walks of Psychology, collaborate with alumni, organize workshops and offer opportunities for networking. CareerWeek is very beneficial to join if you are interested in enhancing your professional skills and networking in areas of Psychology that you are specifically interested in. We are not looking for any more members to help plan the CareerWeek, but we will be in need of some helping hands when the time comes. The committee meets once a week, and the meetings last up to 2 hours. Leading up to CareerWeek, the meetings might be twice every week. During CareerWeek itself committee members are very engaged and will need to spend a lot of time on the committee. However, there will only be one meeting once CareerWeek is over to evaluate how it went.

The Career Week Committee 2023-2024 consists of:

ChairNaomi Loffeld
SecretaryToya Ropers
TreasurerMarlyn Kolenbrander
General MemberIris Ruel
Board RepresentativeElva Beeftink

f.l.t.r. Toya Ropers, Marlyn Kolenbrander, Naomi Loffeld, Iris Ruel, Elva Beeftink