PromoCie creates promotional material like posters and flyers, that is necessary for the entire association in order to reach as many members as possible. Additionally, we create the merchandise which we are quite proud of and update the Social Media accounts as well as the Website regularly. 

You can learn here to be part of a team and work together as a group, but the most fun part is that you can show off your creativity in designing and deciding the merchandise as well as many other different promotional material.

The workload in our Committee is between 1-2 hours a week. We are a nice group of people and are always open for new members :)

The PromoCie 2021/2022 consist of:

ChairSophia de Ridder
TreasurerSimon Boeder
General memberMarilyn Djorai 
General memberIlayda Hotamis
Board Representative/Secretary

‚ÄčLieke Winter