Symposium Committee

The Symposium committee is responsible for organizing the symposium, which is a day filled with lectures and workshops. The committee's work involves coming up with a fitting and interesting theme, contacting experts on that field, organizing snacks and drinks, and creating goodie bags for the participants. The committee consists of around 7 motivated committee members. 
This year's symposium revolved around the topic of the future of psychology and dived into the topics of sustainability, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and digital therapy. 
If you want to contact the symposium committee you can contact us via:

The Symposium committee of 2020/2021 consists of:

Chair Laura Suntrup

Olga Karageorgiou

TreasurerAllegra Passman
Commissioner of LogisticsAnniek Megens 
General MemberIris Ruel 
General MemberTheresa Höfker 
Board ResponsibleSabin Kerwien Lopez