GreenCie is a committee consisting of 4 people that are all really passionate about sustainability and want to make Dimensie even greener. Sustainability is a very broad topic and every one of our group members has a different perspective, which makes this committee so amazing. From being vegan to buying second-hand/sustainable clothing, and from living waste-free to the most sustainable traveling alternatives. It can be anything, and GreenCie wants to show you that being sustainable does not have to be hard!

If you join this committee, your passion for sustainability will grow and you will gain a deeper insight into ways to make our planet a little greener every day. And if you still have not thought about sustainability, this is the perfect introduction to it.

In the upcoming year, we will be an active committee with fun and unique events such as visiting thrift stores, swapping events, and DIY workshops. Anything you can think of, GreenCie will find a sustainable alternative!

Because of the fact that GreenCie is such a small committee, the workload is quite low in comparison to other committees. There is a meeting every two weeks and every week if there is an upcoming event. If there are no upcoming events, it is also really fun to brainstorm about new ideas. If you want to broaden your horizon of the topic of sustainability, GreenCie is the place to be!

The GreenCie of 2023/2024 consists of:

ChairYade Masseus
TreasurerSophia de Ridder
PRGizella van Beveren
Board Representative / Secretary

Nynke Kreuwel