The Kic'D committee is an abbreviation for the Kick-In Committee of Dimensie. We organize the Psychology part of the Kick-In, for both the bachelor and master. This means that we are responsible for the educational part and the camp during the introduction. That is quite a big responsibility, but with a committee that consists partly of experienced students, it is a very accessible committee. 

In the Kic'D committee, you will be involved in organizing the biggest event of the year and will be a representative for the organization of the faculty days part. Taking responsibility, being able to plan, and also organization is therefore of great importance.

Maybe you'd like to help out a committee, but don't want to take on a big task right away. Then you are perfect to offer your helping hands at the Kic'D! Right now all committee positions are filled but during the Masters Kick-In and the Bachelor Kick-In we could really use helping hands! Feel free to send an email and ask for more information. 

We are very much looking forward to it! We are also going to do our best to organize very nice activities for the study-related days, although we are not going to give those away yet of course. If you decide to join the Kic’D, you also get involved and decide about everything that happens behind the scenes!  

The workload on this committee depends on the dates of the events. At the beginning of the academic year, we meet weekly to work on initial plans, and towards the Masters Kick-In, which is the first event scheduled, it becomes more work. Therefore, we can really use helping hands! The same goes for the Kick-In at the start of the school year. The closer it gets, the clearer the interpretation becomes and the more there is to arrange. Timewise, it really depends on what function you choose for how many hours a week it will take.

The Kic'D 2023/2024 consists of:


Victor Barkey

SecretarySylwia Siekman
TreasurerMarilyn Djorai
General MemberMax Jansdam
General MemberTijani Nagra
Board RepresentativePhyllis Kohlbecher