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Join Business Days 2022!!

Join Business Days 2022!!

Business Days Twente 2022

This year the 38th edition of the Business Days Twente will take place. Join us during one of the 60 different activities from the 14th of February until the 8th of April. The Business Days Twente is one of the biggest career events in the Netherlands, organised especially for you as a student at the University of Twente. It's an excellent opportunity to come in contact with companies for orientation, finding an internship, master's assignment, or even your dream job! The Business Days Twente offers all kind of activities to help you find a career that suits you! 

Career Fair 2 – 3 March
Visit for example the Career fair at which 140 companies will be present which are looking for you! During the different days, different companies will be present! Visit our website or check out the Business Days Book to see which companies interest you! At the Career Fair there is also the opportunity to get your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn profile checked.

Workshop Weeks 7 - 18 March
During the Workshop Weeks, several different workshops are given to develop your personal skills. Register for the workshops on our website before the 18th of February.

Ambition Weeks 21 March – 8 April
Once you've found a company you want to know more about, kick-start your career during the Ambition Weeks. Various activities are organised, such as one-on-one conversations, company lunches and dinners, and several different informal recruitment activities such as a craft beer tasting. During these activities you can get to know the companies you're interested in even better. Register for the Ambition Weeks activities on our website before the 4th of March. 

Visit our website https://www.businessdaystwente.nl for a detailed overview of all the companies and activities that will be part of the Business Days Twente this year. Do not forget to sign up before the deadlines! 

We hope to see you at the Business Days Twente. Unlock your ambition! 


The 38th board of the Business Days Twente


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