Mental Health & Wellbeing


The story behind OOPKOP
- A new phase in your life, new friends, new challenges, Study-pressure. It’s a lot...
- 50% of the students in the Netherlands experience psychological problems
- People go to a dentist, to prevent cavities. Should we do the same with our brains?
- When you do want to preventively invest in your health, where to start? What fits you?
And how to pay for these expensive providers?

Because Dimensie cares about their members, we are starting a partnership with
OOPKOP this year. A platform for preventive mental health.

What does OOPKOP offer?
- Access to online 30min coach consultations. Short ‘sparring sessions’ with certified coaches
who can help you with issues about study, relationship, stress, pressure to perform, etc.
These are short coaching sessions to vent your heart to an external coach you don't know.
- Access to weekly masterclasses. These are here to introduce you in an accessible way to
themes such as: 1) How do I set goals, 2) How to keep focus, 3) Breathwork 4) Mindfulness
and much more. This is completely non-binding and free
- Access to fun content about mental health. Videos, Ted Talks, Interviews and Podcasts. This
way you can discover the world of mental health in an accessible way
- And number 4, you will receive an invitation for a mental check-in every 3 months. These
are 5 questions from the World Health Organization. This will give you a grade about your
mental state. If it is below 55 of 100, you will receive feedback about this. This indicates that
you are in a gray area and that they recommend that you schedule a coaching consultation.

Most importantly, it is completely anonymous and individual. SV DIMENSIE does not receive
any insights per user. And you as a student do not have to discuss this with your house
and/or clubmates.

How do I get access to this platform?

As a student, you only have to pay €32,50 a year to get access to OOPKOP. 

Via this link, you can get access. Fill out this password: OOPKOPDIMENSIE22

When will I get access?

- All students who got the subscription in November, will get access to OOPKOP by the first of December.

- All students who got the subscription in December or January, will get access to OOPKOP by the first of February. 

- All students who got the subscription in February or March, will get access to OOPKOP by the first of April.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an e-mail

Your time as a student can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging sometimes. The UT provides different services that you can make use of during your time as a student. 

The following website provides you with an overview of initiatives and contact information of individuals and organisations at the University of Twente that can help you and your wellbeing. 

Wellbeing (

If you have questions related to your rights and obligations, studying with personal circumstances, Dutch study finance, financial support, coaching and facilities during your studies you can check out the homepage of SACC. 

homepage SACC

If you are or were in an unpleasant situation or are experiencing problems, you may want to talk to someone confidential and external about it. This may be because it is a sensitive or personal topic that is not easy to talk about. This includes study-related problems, problems within an association, discrimination, transgressive behaviour or simply personal problems. The UT provides confidential advisors that you can contact on the following website:

Counselling | Confidential advisor | Home SACC (

Are you unsure about some of the regulations at the University of Twente? This website provides an extensive overview of regulations, from study-related regulations to codes of conduct. 

Regulations | Overview regulations | Home SACC ( 

If you are/were a victim of sexual violence, or if you know someone that has experienced such violence you can find contact information of individuals that you can turn to on the following website. 

Personal circumstances | Sexual Violence | Home SACC ( 


This group is started by Erik Kemp. He created this group to help people that are living through some hard moments in their life. They are now running twice a week, with a varying bunch of people. These moments are, however, not all about running but more about helping each other and talking or listening. If you are interested in joining you can simply sent him an email. 


Student Services is here to help!

The Contact Centre is the central hub where students can seek answers to all their questions. You can visit us with questions about tuition fees, visa applications, student cards and many more. We have many of our FAQ on our Student Services website:

Feel welcomed to visit us with your questions. We are opened weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00 in building Boerderij.