UT Study associations

Beneath you find a list of all study associations at the University of Twente (our so-called “brothers”):

ConcepTCivil Engineering
C.T.S.G. AlembicChemical Engineering
E.T.S.V. ScintillaElectrical Engineering
I.C.T.S.V. Inter-ActiefTechnical computer Science and Business & IT
S.A. AtlantisUniversity College Twente (ATLAS)
S.A. ProtoCreative Technology
S.G. DaedalusIndustrial Design
SiriusPublic Administration, European Studies, European Public & Health Sciences
StressInternational Business Administration, Industrial Engineering & Management, Business & IT
S.V. AragoApplied Physics
S.A. AstatineAdvanced Technology
S.A. CommuniquéCommunication Science
S.V. ParadoksBiomedical Technology & Technical Medicine
W.S.G. AbacusApplied Mathematics
W.S.G. Isaac NewtonMechanical Engineering
W.T.S. IdeefiksPhilosophy of Science, Technology & Society
S.V. OnwijsScience Education & Communication, Teaching Social Sciences