UT Study associations

Below you find a list of all study associations at the University of Twente (our so-called “brothers”):

S.A. AtlantisAcademy of Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS)
C.T.S.G. AlembicChemical Engineering
W.S.G. AbacusApplied Mathematics
S.V. AragoApplied Physics
S.A. AstatineAdvanced Technology, Nano Technology
S.A. CommuniquéCommunication Science
ConcepTCivil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management, Construction Management and Engineering
S.G. DaedalusIndustrial Design Egineering
W.T.S. IdeefiksPhilosophy of Science, Technology & Society
I.C.T.S.V. Inter-ActiefTechnical Computer Science, Computer Science, Business & IT
W.S.G. Isaac NewtonMechanical Engineering
KommaEducational Science & Technology
H.V. OckhamHonours Programme
S.V. ParadoksBiomedical Technology, Technical Medicine
S.A. ProtoCreative Technology, Human Media Interaction
SAB (ITC)Geo-information Science and Earth Observations
E.T.S.V. ScintillaElectrical Engineering
SiriusPublic Administration, Health Sciences, European Studies and Management, Society & Technology
StressBusiness Administration, Industrial Engineering & Management, International Business Administration