Do you have any questions? 

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered after reading this page? Don't hesitate to reach out to us

How can I become an active member? 
​​​​​​You can become an active member by filling out this forms. Being an active member at Dimensie means that you contribute to organizing events or supporting the association by working on promotional materials or contacting external parties. Make sure to check out our committees to see what you're interested in! Being active provides you with many benefits: 

  • Extra discount on events you hosted yourself
  • Active member gift
  • Active member weekend trip
  • Active member event
  • Building your resumé
  • Getting to know people from different years of Psychology

I want to cancel my membership, what do I need to do? 
If you want to cancel your membership you can send an email to secretary@svdimensie.nl. If you cancel before the 1st of October you do NOT have to pay for the upcoming association year. However, if you cancel after the 1st of October you need to pay the membership for the whole year. 

I paid my membership fee via Studystore, but I cannot log in on the website, what do I need to do? 
If you paid the membership fee via Studystore, that does not mean you are automatically a member at Dimensie. Therefore, you still need to sign up on the website and send your SEPA to this email secretary@svdimensie.nl. You do not have to pay your membership fee again, but for the years after, we can automatically withdraw your membership fee (not without you knowing of course).

When I try to log in, it says that my account is archived.                                                                                                                                     

It means that we probably did not receive your SEPA form. Please send the email to secretary@svdimensie.nl and ask for your personal SEPA form. After that, you will receive an activation link, and you will be able to log in.

What is a SEPA and why do I need to sign it? 
A SEPA is a consent form with which you allow us to withdraw money from your bank account. We will only do this if you attend an event or for the membership fee. It makes it easier for you and for us. The treasurer of Dimensie will always let you know when money will be withdrawn. If you have any questions, please ask our treasurer treasurer@svdimensie.nl.

Where can I access my ebook? 
You can find your digital books by logging-in with the account details you used to order your books at dimensie.itdepartment.nl. Then go to the left side of your screen under “My bundle”. There you will find your ebook purchases and will be able to access your ebook. 

How can I return my book? 

You can find instructions to return your book by logging-in to dimensie.itdepartment.nl. Use the same credentials you used to order your book. Then go to “My returns” on the left side of your screen. There you will find the steps you need to follow to successfully return your book. Keep in mind that you only have 30 days to return a purchase. 

Has my book arrived at the Rubix? 

You will get an email from us when your book has arrived at our association room. Sometimes you will receive a confirmation email from PostNL. This does not mean that we already have your book at our association room. Please wait for our email so you do not come to the boardroom when we still do not have your books. 

Who can I go to if I have some feedback about my module? 

You can always approach the Commissioner of Educational Affairs for any feedback for the programme. We will try our best to communicate your feedback to the appropriate person. Alternatively, you can fill-in the evaluation form at the end of the module with your feedback. These forms are carefully read by the module coordinators and teachers and are seriously considered to improve the quality of our education. 

I am looking for a private tutor to help me with a subject I am struggling with, could you help me find such a person? 

We unfortunately do not have access to any tutors that could help you with your studies. Usually you can find people by messaging the group chats with all students. Use that resource and very often there will be someone interested in becoming a tutor. 

I am looking for career orientation and internships/ vacancies, where can I find them?

Every year in February we are organizing the CareerWeek where we offer several workshops and talks with psychologists from different fields. If you are looking for vacancies, you can check out our LinkedIn or our vacancy website where we regularly upload the most recent vacancies.

I am a international prospective student and am looking for help to find my way around here, can you help me?

If any of the aforementioned problems occur, we recommend contacting the international student support officer. You can reach her at: internationalstudentsupport-bms@utwente.nl. You can also approach our Commissioner of Internationalisation if you have any problems, concerns or difficulties at that come your way while living in the Netherland: e.beeftink@svdimensie.nl You can also find a lot information here on the website of International Student Services: