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JoHo summaries and study assistance are intended to increase your chances of passing exams in a sustainable way for minimal costs and to allow you to study in the way that suits you best

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How does the use of summaries and study assistance work in a nutshell?

For optimal and free use of all JoHo Summaries, Study Assistance, ExamTickets, Practice Exams, BulletPoints and Study Notes

  • you join JoHo (cost: 1 beer/mineral water per month)
  • you then check the tips and tickets;
  • you study the material through the summaries;
  • you repeat the material via the bullets and notes;
  • you learn to master the material through the practice exams,
  • ....and you pass your exam as easy as pie!

How does the use of online summaries work for members of Dimensie?

1 => Go to your JoHo ToolShop of your field of study

These Tool Shops contain summaries and study assistance that have been compiled per course and field of study to optimally support you in passing your courses and to allow you to delve further into your study

2 => Check the JoHo Advice & Assortment Pointers

  • In the JoHo Tool Shops you will find JoHo Course- and Summaries Pointers for tips on the course and an overview of published and expected summaries and study assistance.

3 => Use the Course and Book Tools

  • In the Course and Book Tools you will find all summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training and extra study assistance collected per course or per book on 1 page
  • Become a JoHo subscriber or log in to study and take notes immediately

How does picking up your printed summaries from Dimensie work?

1 => Join

2 => Check the product range

You can check and find the range of printed summaries via the summaries print shops of your academic year

3 => Log in and check your Pinpoints

  • Log in to
  • Check whether you still have enough JoHo Pinpoints within your subscription (see also your own account page)
  • Request extra Pinpoints if you don't have enough to create your pickup order

4 => Add the printed summaries to your 'pickup basket'

  • By adding a printed summary to your shopping cart (='pickup basket'), the summaries will be added to your pick-up order
  • Choose to pick up at the Labyrint pickup counter (You only see this option if you are logged in as a JoHo subscriber)

5 => Pick up your order at Rubix during one of the pick-up moments

  • For Module 1, there will be pick-up options from September 21st during regular opening hours of Dimensie
  • You will find the Dimensie pickup counter in the Rubix (De Zul 10, Cubicus B111)

The following summaries will are available for pick up in the Rubix:

  • Bachelor 1: Summaries of Social (Developmental) Psychology
  • Bachelor 2: summaries of module Mental Health