StAf Tournament

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29 Apr - 11 Jun 2024
Football Fields on Campus

StAf Tournament

Attention all football ⚽ enthusiasts! Dimensie is thrilled to invite you to StAf, the premier football tournament where study associations go head-to-head in friendly competition. 🏆

🚹 Men's Tournament: April 29th - May 23rd (Mon - Thurs)

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Dimensie VS Newton 1 29th of April 19:30 Bastilleveld
Dimensie VS Arago 1st of May 19:30 Verreveld
Dimensie VS Daedelus 8th of May 19:30 Bastilleveld
Dimensie VS Proto 2 16th of May 19:30 Bastilleveld

🚺 Women's Tournament: June 4th & 11th

WhatsApp group link:

Ready to represent Dimensie and compete for glory in StAf? Sign up now and be part of the action! And don't forget to join the WhatsApp group to receive all updates.

If you don’t want to play make sure to come and cheer for us during the games!



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