Places to visit in the Netherlands 2/2


If you want to have a fun day out in a city that is not Amsterdam or Utrecht, you might want to consider Delft. Many people flock to Delft for its eponymous blue pottery but don't overlook the unspoiled town's Renaissance architecture and Vermeer Centre museum (the Dutch painter, famous for such works as Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Milkmaid, was born and died here).

The Rainbow Houses of Houten

If you ever find yourself near Utrecht, you might want to go check out the famous Rainbow Houses of Houten. The beautiful, Kopenhagen looking houses are located around half an hour away from Utrecht if you are traveling by train and are completely free.

The mummies - Wiuwert

In 1609 a burial vault was created in Wiuwert by a noble family. In 1765, the vault was discovered and since then has been surrounded by mystery. Who the mummies are is unknown. Rumors say that they might be members of the Labadist cult or perhaps the first female university student lying down there. You can get a tour of the vault for only 4 euros. For the opening times check out their website:

Bare feet trail, Brunssum

A fun, summer activity to do could be the bare feet trail in Brunssum. The bare feet trail is open from February until December from 10:00 until 18:00. The trail takes around 1.5 hours but of course, you can also take longer and enjoy your time there! Adults pay 9 euros for entrance and you can stay as long as you would like. But don’t forget to bring a towel and maybe some spare clothes as there is water all around!


Another option for your original day out would be Eindhoven. If you like technology and design, head to Eindhoven. Don't miss the Van Abbemuseum (modern and contemporary art), Strijp-S (a creative and cultural centre housed in an industrial park), and the Inkijkmuseum (a micro museum located in a former washhouse). Looks can be deceiving: Cutting-edge Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in Holland.

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