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Moonlight is a drama film based on the unpublished semi-autobiographical play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue”. This movie has been called one of the most impactful filmmaking in history. 

The movie follows a boy that is growing up in the movie itself, with every life phase you can see the struggles that are there in the life of the boy. 

Moonlight shows three life phases of a boy called Chiron, his childhood phase, adolescence, and young adulthood. 

  1. In the first part of the movie, Chiron goes by the name Little. In this part of the movie, a drug dealer finds Chiron, who is abandoned by his mother and hiding from bullies. The drug dealer Juan and his girlfriend take Chiron into their house for the night. Juan meets Chiron's mom when she is doing drugs and has a heated discussion with her, during which Chiron's birthmother says that she knows Chiron gets bullied “it is because of the way he walks”. 

  2. In the second part of the movie, Chiron’s friend Kevin tells him about the detention he received for being caught having sex with a girl in a school stairwell, and Chiron later dreams about Kevin and the girl having sex in his backyard. One night, Kevin visits Chiron at the beach near his house. While smoking a blunt together, the two discuss their ambitions and the nickname Kevin gave Chiron when they were children. They kiss, and Kevin masturbates Chiron. The next morning, a bully manipulates Kevin into participating in a hazing ritual. Kevin reluctantly punches Chiron until he cannot stand, watching as Terrel and other boys savagely attack him. When the principal urges him to reveal his attackers' identities, Chiron refuses, saying that reporting them will not solve anything. The next day, an enraged Chiron walks into class and smashes a chair over Terrel's head before being restrained by classmates and a teacher. Chiron is arrested, and leaves the school in a police cruiser while Kevin watches.

  3. Now going by the nickname "Black," an adult Chiron deals drugs in Atlanta. He receives frequent calls from his mother, who asks him to visit her at the drug treatment center where she is living. One morning, Kevin calls and invites him to see him should he ever come to Miami. Chiron travels to Miami and visits Kevin at his workplace, a diner. When his attempts to probe Chiron about his life result in silence, Kevin tells him he has had a child with an ex-girlfriend and, although the relationship ended, he is fulfilled by his role as a father. Kevin tells Chiron that, although his life didn't turn out as he had hoped, he is happy, resulting in Chiron breaking down and admitting that he has not been intimate with anybody since their encounter years ago. As Kevin comforts him, Black remembers himself as Little, standing on a beach in the moonlight.


Swan Song 

The bittersweet film, which has received amazing reviews from critics, follows the real-life retired hairdresser named Pat Pitsenbarger — who was better known as Mr. Pat in his prime — who in this fictionalized storyline escapes the confines of his grim, small-town nursing home after being tasked to style his ex-client Rita’s (Linda Evans) hair for her funeral. In the process of collecting beauty supplies across town, Pat, whose solitary existence in Sandusky is brought into focus as one of the last surviving gay men of his generation, begins to confront the ghosts of his past on his way to the funeral home.

"'Swan Song' is a love letter to the rapidly disappearing 'gay culture' of America,” Stephens wrote in his director’s statement. “As it has become more acceptable to be queer, what used to be a thriving community is rapidly melting back into society … 'Swan Song' is dedicated to all the forgotten flaming florists and hairdressers who built the community and blazed the trail for the rights many of us cling to today. But, above all, for me, this film is about learning that it’s never too late to live again.”


But I am a cheerleader

Seventeen-year-old Megan Bloomfield is a happy high school senior who loves cheerleading and is dating Jared, a football player. She does not enjoy kissing Jared and prefers looking at her fellow cheerleaders. This, combined with Megan's interest in vegetarianism and Melissa Etheridge, lead her family and friends to suspect that she is a lesbian. With the help of ex-gay Mike, they surprise her with an intervention. Megan is then sent to True Directions, a conversion therapy camp that uses a five-step program to convert its campers to heterosexuality. Over the course of the program, Megan becomes friends with another girl at the camp, Graham. 

At True Directions, Megan meets the founder and a strict disciplinarian, Mary Brown, along with her "heterosexual" son, Rock. Rock is seen throughout the film to be in fact overtly homosexual, and makes multiple sexual overtures towards Mike and the male campers. Megan meets a group of fellow young people trying to "cure" themselves of their homosexuality. After being prompted by the others, Megan agrees that she is a lesbian. This fact is at odds with her traditional religious upbringing and distresses her, so she puts every effort into becoming heterosexual. 

The camp's kids are encouraged to rebel against Mary by two of her former students, ex-ex-gays Larry and Lloyd, who take the campers to a local gay bar where Graham and Megan's relationship develops into a romance. When Mary discovers the trip, she makes them all picket Larry and Lloyd's house. Megan and Graham sneak away one night and begin to fall in love. When Mary finds out, Megan, now at ease with her sexuality, is unrepentant and made to leave. Disowned by her family and homeless she goes to stay with Larry and Lloyd. Graham, afraid to defy her father, remains at the camp. Megan and Dolph, who is now also living with Larry and Lloyd, plan to win back Graham and Clayton.

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