Cultures of Dimensie - Lithuania

In the last years, Dimensie got quite some members from Lithuania but not many people actually know a lot about this Baltic state.


Basic facts:

Capital: Vilnius

Neighbour countries: Poland, Belarus and Latvia

Population: ≈ 2.8 Million

Area: 65.300km²


After the Russian Revolution in 1917, Lithuania became independent in 1918 and in 1990 it was the first country to leave the Soviet Union to become independent. This is why, although Lithuanian is the main language, people in some regions still speak Russian or Polish.

Since 2004 Lithuania has been part of the EU so its currency is the Euro. 


Fun facts:

  • Lithuanian is one of the world’s oldest language and by the end of the 14th century it was the largest country in Europe

  • Every year for St. Patrick's Day, the river Vilnia is dyed green

  • In Vilnius, there is an anonymous swing association that hangs swings at random places

  • The Lithuanian government wanted to have its own national scent, so now there is a perfume called “The Scent of Lithuania”

  • The streets there are one of the cleanest worldwide! 

  • There are around 6000 lakes in Lithuania

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