Decorating the house for Christmas

Now that the holiday season has started, it is finally the time of the year to decorate your house! But believe it or not, there are even rules about the day you can start decorating your house. Some traditions state that you can only start decorating your house one day before Christmas. Some Dutch traditions say that you can start decorating your house when Sinterklaas has left, so after the 6th of December. In general, it is expected to start decorating your house four weeks before Christmas. There are even rules about the removal of the decoration. Some traditions say that you have to remove the decoration exactly twelve days after Christmas. However, mostly they are taken down on the 1st of January. People are off work that day and, although It is of course preferable to only stay in bed or eat a lot when you have a hangover, removing decorations is still doable, depending on the hangover.


But how to decorate your house? Here are some tips:

  • Figure out if you are allergic to  Christmas trees

  • Buy a fake or real tree (take your allergies into account)

  • Try to find your favorite color scheme

  • Buy lights for your Christmas tree, but take your color scheme into account

  • Buy decoration according to this color scheme

  • Decorate the rest of your house using the same color scheme

  • Here are some examples for inspiration:

Now the fun part begins!!!!

Put on your favorite Christmas sweater

Put on your favorite Christmas music playlist (and try to avoid the bad covers, they can ruin the mood)

If you don’t already have a favorite Christmas music playlist, try the “Christmas Hits” album on Spotify (the one with around 64 songs) or the “Christmas Hits” playlist (the one with around 3.269.105 followers). These still include some bad covers, but that is unavoidable. 

Find a suitable place for your Christmas tree. But don’t forget that your lights need electricity. There is nothing worse than a Christmas tree set up and decorated and without access to a power socket…

Make sure your tree is stable. This might be the most important part of the decoration process.

First add your lights to the tree (this is also a good way to check if you have access to electricity)

Now you can start adding your decorations. Even though you have a nice color scheme, make sure you mix up the different colors in a nice way.

Now that your Christmas tree is set up, you can see if you want to add more decorations to the rest of your house.

After you decorated your whole house, you sit down and watch some holiday themed and specifically Christmas themed movies.

If you don’t know any good Holiday/Christmas movie (How dare you!!), you should watch: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Holidate”, “Operation Christmas”,  “The Princess Switch”, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again”, “The Christmas Chronicles”, “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two”, “Home alone 1”, “Home alone 2”, “Home alone 3”, “Home alone 4”, “The Knight Before Christmas”, “The Holiday Calendar”, and of course !!!“The Holiday”!!! Also, you can never forget Die Hard.

Now sit down and enjoy your decorated house while watching holiday movies!

The last tip, only YOU know if you need to add more decoration. Some people decorate the house thinking less is more, while others decorate the house with more is more.

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