Hey, we're RedacCie!

Hey guys! This year, Dimensie decided to call RedacCie back to life! With our committee, we now have a page on the Dimensie website to share new blog post entries with you every month.

We’ll write about several topics, for example about different cultures aside from the German and Dutch culture, or current Dimensie activities and events, like studying abroad semesters, but also seasonal themes. Of course, we are open to new ideas or topics you propose to us!

Besides the main blog post, there is also a smaller, additional blog post every month. This time, it is this introduction of RedacCie, so check out the blog next month again to see what it will be about next time!

We’re looking forward to a wonderful upcoming year with interesting blog posts for you!


Your RedacCie Committee: Allegra, Mark, Janna and Karina 

Cultures of Dimensie - Lithuania

Cultures of Dimensie - Lithuania

In the last years, Dimensie got quite some members from Lithuania but not many people actually know a lot about this Baltic state.  ...


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