Spring is in the air!

As soon as the sun starts to shine, everyone starts going outside for a walk. Sure, going for a walk somehow became everyone's favourite hobby since corona started, but still, even more people are outside, as soon as clouds are fading away to let the sun shine more. But why is it that we are feeling this sudden burst of happiness energy as soon as we see some sun?

First of all, humans are programmed to rest more when it’s dark outside and to be more active and energized when the sun shines.  And even though we are not as weather dependent as our ancestors used to be, weather still has its influence on us. Additionally, sun rays do have an effect on our hormone balance. When stronger sun rays hit our eyes, the pineal gland (a small area in the middle of our brains) reduces production of our sleeping hormone Melatonin which, consequently, makes us more energized. Simultaneously, our serotonin-producing glands receive signals to produce more serotonin as soon as our eyes are perceiving sun light, which makes us feel happier and puts us in a better over-all mood. Finally, if we see other people enjoying the sunlight outside, we are more likely to also feel a need to go outside.

So, it is time to get rid of all the negative energy, all the stress that studies might cause you and to do something for yourself, to go outside to feel fresh motivation and energy! In case you need some motivation or run out of ideas what to do in times of lockdown and curfew, we collected some very fun and spring related outside activities for you:

-    Take your bike and do a nice bicycle tour (you can cycle to a destination connected to other activities or just enjoy fresh air and some movement. If this is to boring for you, try out listen to a        podcast while cycling)

-    Get yourself and your friends a huge bucket ice cream from van der poel (no paid advertisement, they just have the tastiest ice cream ever, especially if you can buy it in a huge bucket)

-    Go swimming in het Rutbeek (Do it early in the morning for some extra fun and a fresh start in the day)

-    Workout outside, for example at Volkspark

-    Go to a farm nearby and watch cows, who are enjoying being outside again after a long winter period

-    And of course daydrinking (Can’t stress this one enough, get yourself some wine or beer and hit it)

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