Experiences at Dimensie - Inclusion

Also in the university environment we sometimes experience the feeling of social exclusion or we might see fellow students getting excluded from conversations or activities. Even if each of us experiences it differently, most associate the feeling with pain. Interestingly, when experiencing the so-called “social pain”, neuroscientific studies found out that the same brain areas (increased activity in dorsal anterior cingulate and anterior insula) are active then as when feeling physical pain. 

So how can we reduce “social pain” in our surroundings? 

  1. As always communicate in english
    → it is such an easy way to make people feel comfortable
    → everyone makes language mistakes- just laugh about it together
  2. Communication style
    → active listening 
  3. Identify your diversities
    → ask questions!! 
  4. Find shared interests 
  5. Accept differences
    → rather learn from each other's differences than judge
  6. Mental Health (airplane mode reference) 
  7. Ask a new person to go along with you and your friends (also online)
  8. A smile can go a long way
  9. Approach people
  10. Perspective taking
    →  put yourself in other's shoes


I hope those tips help you to spread some positive vibes in this world and on our campus. If you find yourself in a “social pain” situation remember that you are not the only one and don’t feel ashamed to reach out for help. 

Comment if you have other tips you like to share and stay healthy! 

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