Sex Myths

When it comes to sex and sexuality, a lot of rumours and myths made their way through the years. Some are easy to debunk, others are more stubborn and still believed. And since it is still a topic some people do not feel comfortable to talk openly about, we collected some myths and facts about sex and sexuality for you. 

Oral sex is safe sex 

One myth is that oral sex is always safe sex, no contraceptives needed. However, common STDs, e.g. Syphilis or Chalmydia can also be transmitted through oral sex. Hereby the risk is much higher if the person giving oral sex has wounds in their mouth or the woman receiving oral sex in on her period at the moment.

Orgasm during vaginal penetration 

Approximately 80% of women find it difficult to reach an orgasm just out of vaginal penetration. Way more important for most women is the stimulation of the clitoris, since it contains about 8.000 nerve endings. Hereby, it doesn’t matter if manual or oral stimulation. 

Next, stimulation of the cervix, anus and nipples can result in an orgasm. You can also watch the TV show Friends, season 4 episode 11, where Monica explains more about the seven erotic zones :D

Polyamory: Tons of sex, afraid of communication

Partners in a polyamorous relationship have a sexual relationship with more than person at a time (BIG difference to cheating: all people involved know about and gave their consent to it). A common stereotype about polyamorous relationship is that partners are hyperly focused on sex and are afraid of commitment. However, polyamorous relationships do involve, as well as monogomous relationships, not just the physical aspect, but also friendship. Your partners are people you can trust and rely on, people who can become part of your family.

Moreover, there is tons of commitment. Polyamorous relationships involve honest communication about one’s feelings, which has the positive side effect of learning new communication skills and also to learn about one’s own personal conflicts or issues. 

It’s not sex until at least one person reaches an orgasm

Definitely a big no. Sure, having an orgasm is incredible, but sex is much more than that. It helps to relax, reduce stress and to build a deeper connection with the other person. 

Additionally, forcing a climax can not only be inefficient, but can also put pressure on all people involved. 

Lesbians adhere to the Top/Bottom Philosophy 

First of all, same as heterosexual sex is not the same everytime and with everyone, also homosexual sex isn’t either. That does also mean that one woman does not immediately know how to please the other woman. Everyone has their own sexual preferences, and sex is always a learning experience, where no one is automatically good at. 

Also the Top/Bottom or Butch/Femme Philosophy is more than a myth than reality. Not all butch lesbians are top, not all bottom are femmes. Sometimes small girls are more often top than bottom. And even more often, labels do not apply at all. 


The taste of semen differentiate with the nutrition 

Pretty sure that everyone has heard of this one before. Especially pineapple is supposed to make semen taste better. In reality, the effect of pineapple is very limited. Semen contains 80% water, the rest are amino acids, zinc, calcium and various enzymes. Therefore, changing the taste of semen would require altering the basic components of it, which is, simply said, not that easy. Moreover, what you’re eating goes into your stomach, is digested and then goes into your blood and liver. Only small aspects of the food, broken down in small pieces, will be used to produce more semen.

Even though there is not much research about it, based on logical reasoning, the taste of semen not change much with nutrition. 

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