How to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021

Valentine’s day is a special day, where you celebrate love with someone you know or someone you do not know. But how can you do this in 2021, when we are dealing with the COVID-19 measures? Well, here are some tips and tricks (no pun intended) to celebrate Valentine’s day in 2021:
First, decide who you want as your date. This is something that you have to decide yourself and I cannot give you any tips or tricks for this task. HOWEVER, if you are in a relationship it is not wise to have a date with someone else on this day. It is never wise to date someone else while you are in a relationship, but definitely not on this day!
Second, decide if you want to do an online or offline date.
Third, decide what you want to do and see if it fits the decision of online or offline. But keep in mind that not everything is possible in 2021. For example, if you decided on bowling or going to the cinema, good luck with everything closed. So, make sure that the activity is doable.
Here are a few ideas for activities that can be done both online and offline:

  • A nice activity you can do is a dinner. This is something you can do both online and offline. You can, for example, decide on having a multiple course dinner at home. The easiest way to do this is to go for a “finish-it-yourself” menu when you order. In this way, you can be creative together, you have very nice food and you have an activity for the whole evening. When you are thinking of this activity, I’d suggest you look at the restaurants in Enschede, like restaurant Kosie (the link can be found at the bottom of this blog). Here you can order a 3-4 course dinner which you finish yourself. Of course, they take your allergies and diet wishes into account. But make sure you order in time, because not all allergies can be dealt with on the day itself. So for every restaurant you order from, make sure you order in time! 
  • Another activity you can do is watch a movie as an online or offline activity. However, keep in mind that this is an activity where you are not talking to each other. But if you do talk, you are not watching a movie and the movie will be distracting. So, for a Valentine’s day date, I would not suggest watching a movie.
  • What you can also do is just talk throughout the day or evening. Buy some drinks, some snacks (take allergy and diet wishes into account) and just talk together. This is also an activity which can be done both online and offline. 
  • Lastly, you can combine these activities. You can start with a multiple course dinner together, afterwards talk a bit, then watch a movie and talk again afterwards. Or you skip the dinner, movie or talking. Or you just skip all of them and you do something completely different. In the end, it is most important that you do something with the person you love!!!

Restaurant Kosie:

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