Hidden Gems on Campus

Hidden Gems on Campus

The University of Twente: Big, pretty, and old. Well, yes, but the campus still has a lot more to offer besides these attributes. It was built in the 1960s and ever since then it is still constantly being remodeled and enlarged. Several books have been written about it and you can even sign up for an official campus tour. The most absurd and impressive parts are those such as the clock tower in the water in front of the Vrijhof everyone knows of. But in this post you will read about a few less-well known spots and activities on campus, so enjoy!

The following are a few spots on the university campus that you may or may not yet have discovered: 

Firstly, not far from the survival camp and climbing wall at the sportscenter, there is the UTrack next to the Vrijhof. Along the UTrack you can find an outdoor gym and swimming pool. But besides these sporting facilities, there is another reason why you should go there. Cross the UTrack and above the “University of Twente” letter you will see a bench. Sit down and enjoy the perfect view of a beautiful sunset. As these benches are located facing west, you will not find a better place to watch a relaxing sunset.

Secondly, also close to the UTrack, you can find the open air theater. If the theater association or another cultural association has not booked the open air theater for practice or for a performance, you can use the space to study or to connect with your inner theater/dramaqueen. 

Thirdly, check out room T1300. This VIP conference room is on top of the horst and it offers a panoramic view from the highest building on campus. So, at your next project meeting you can enjoy the marvelous view of Enschede and the UT campus from above. 

Fourthly, it is just off campus, but the forest behind the University of Twente is definitely worth paying a visit. Whether you only take a quick stroll in the lunch break or a longer walk after you are done with your classes, the trees and fields will bring you back to nature. If you walk far enough, you can even find a small river (with an actual current) in what seems to be a magical environment. You really would not expect such untouched nature behind the clean and modern area of the UTwente. 

Fifthly, not much of a secret and also not surprising, but definitely a place you have to visit: The Cubicus. In this confusingly organized building it is easy to get lost. But believe me, it used to be even worse. In 2002 a fire demolished a large part of the building, leaving only the current part spared out. Back then it must have been impossible to find anything or anyone. Sadly but also luckily, now it is a lot more simple (still confusing enough though). On the first floor the BMS lab is located where you can engage in a lot of interesting research studies and get an insight into different fields of Psychology (and also collect SONA points of course!) On the ground floor is our home: The amazing Rubix! Come by for a coffee, a tea, a chat, to print, to play games, or just to hang out during the lunch break or free time. There is always someone there for you! 

Now I would like to present some things or activities you can do on the campus that you may or may not know about: 

Firstly, after already mentioning the behavioral sciences’ research facilities (the BMS lab) where you can try out different equipment such as eye tracking glasses. In virtual reality experiments you can wear VR glasses and sometimes even walk and move around in the virtual environment. However, besides the BMS lab the UTwente’s Designlab is also worth visiting. Here, you can get inspiration and even prototype your projects. The Designlab offers a wide range of equipment, for instance a 3D printer and a wood workshop, to bring all your ideas to life. Additionally, everyone can book the project rooms, which will for sure stimulate a creative approach to the next project you are working on. So, swing by and ask at the service desk for more specifics. 

Secondly, depending on the day and the time, every now and then you can find a small stand on the O&O square in front of the Waaier, or at some other place. Most of the time you can get snacks and drinks such as poffertjes, stroopwafels, coffee, or hot chocolate for free. Keep an eye out and get your free snacks! 

Thirdly, the university has different places where you can get everything and anything you may need. Besides the obvious of the supermarket, Starbucks, Subway, and even a hairdresser, there are also several student-run shops which offer technical parts or assistance. The IT helpdesk in the Citadel will assist you with any kind of technical problems you may have with your computer. Moreover, for the more skilled IT readers, in the Zilverling in the study area, the Educafé, you can find the student shops “Stores” for electronics and “IAPC” for computers and computer parts. Whatever you may need, some place on campus will have it for you! 

Fourthly, everyone knows the Vestingbar, but in fact, many study associations have their own bar in which beers are even cheaper. Usually, anybody can join the gatherings, which is a great opportunity for you to meet people from different studies. There are a total of six student bars, such as the TAP on the top floor of the Carré or the Absinct in the Zilverling. So check them out. 

Fifthly and lastly, go for a walk. Walk around the campus and discover more places and things to do. If you do so: send us a text or a photo on Instagram! To broaden your knowledge of the UTwente and to make the stroll a bit more interesting you can take the art & architecture walk that takes you through the history of the UT. If the weather happens to be not so great, you can also go for a walk inside: among others, the Waaier, the Carré, the Horst complex, and the Nanolab are connected by pathways, so that you do not have to go through the rain and cold. 

I hope you were surprised by some of the spots or activities and that you will look into some of them. Let us know on instagram or in the comments how you liked it and whether there are more hidden gems the UTwente has to offer! 

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