Vegan Restaurant Opportunities

In recent years, more and more people have become vegan, especially in our generation. Dimensie, over the last couple of years, is focusing more and more on offering vegan options during events or also just at the Rubix itself (see coffee milk). 

Sadly, many sectors in the Netherlands often have issues regarding this new demand. In Germany, where most students here come from, there are mostly more, cheaper and more diverse vegan options. That is true for supermarkets but also for restaurants. That is why I have a small list of four restaurants - two completely vegan and two with vegan options, which I would personally recommend. Two are even directly in the city centre, so for many it is easy to reach! 

1. Sam Sam Enschede (Vegan options)

Sam Sam would be one of the most… Restaurants of Enschede I would say. I definitely recommend it if you have friends around who are not vegan themselves and also don’t like vegan food that much. It is one of the go-to-places for many students and directly at the Oude Markt, so the location is very good. Additionally, they recently added even more vegan options to their menu. One of my recommendations here would be the vegan burger, the Ramen is also fine, but most people who go with me love the Pampoen Jackfruit Rendang the most. One critique would be for me that there is only one real vegan dessert and it could be better. However, the atmosphere is very sweet and it is a good place to go with friends, family and the atmosphere is date-friendly as well. 

2. Bardot (Vegan options)

Bardot for me is like Sam Sam, but with even better options. If you decide to go in the morning, the French Toast is definitely a recommendation. Their coffee also has plant milk options and is amazing. They have at least one nice vegan option for each category. I have heard that colleagues often go to the restaurant for special company events as they have such a diverse food offering. My favourites would be the Avocado Bread, but the best one by far is the Oesterzwam which is an absolute must if you go for the first time. The only critique I could think of, and this is nitpicking, is that the restaurant is very big. So if you want to avoid loud noises at all costs, go on a romantic date or something like that, Sam Sam is maybe the better option. 

3. Het Paradijs (Completely vegan)

Many Dimensie members might already be familiar with this one because in the last two years, we had two events there. But for good reason! This restaurant is amazing. This starts already at the looks. When you go inside, you feel like you are in a jungle. It looks like it, it has the vibes of it and it is really fun to just go around and look at stuff while you wait for your food. The staff is super nice and it is unlike any other restaurant I have been in so far. The options are all vegan, I remember ordering a three stage when we were there with Dimensie. The soup, curry, everything was great, the dessert too! If you want to go, I recommend that you book a table as early as possible as it is always booked out, especially during weekends. Also, it is not directly in the city centre but a bit outside of it, so it is a slightly longer ride for many. But it is definitely worth it!

4. Earth Cafe (Completely vegan)

This is my absolute favourite on the list. Earth Cafe is also a bit hidden but still close to the city centre. All the menu options are vegan, the atmosphere is amazing. When the winter is over, you have a sweet garden to be in and there is a cute dog, the whole place just seems comfortable and warm, cosy and gives a bit of hippie vibes. The one downside would maybe be that, if you are very allergic to them, it might not be the best idea. The menu is amazing as well, I have not ever eaten anything there that was not great. They first of all have different soup options, they are all good. My favourites are the broccoli and lentil soup but they often have soup-of-the-day-offers as well. Otherwise, I recommend the Rainbow Wrap, Dragon Bowl or Ramen Noodles. The vegan burger is the best one in all Enschede Restaurants. They have nide side snacks as well if you eat as much as I do and a whole bunch of desserts (the Cheesecake would be one recommendation from me here). On top of that, they have a bunch of smoothies and juices, some of which are self-made and nice wine to get you a bit drunk if necessary. If you have not been there, I highly recommend it! You do not have to be vegan to enjoy it, and it also does not feel like a big chain company. 


There are many other places, but I think these are good starters. Should we still publish a guide to the vegan options on campus? Let us know! You can reach us by

One more thing I would recommend (this is not sponsored, but a personal opinion), is the app “Happy Cow”. If you are in Enschede or anywhere else and want to find vegetarian or vegan options, they immediately show you everything nearby, a bit like in this article. It not only shows all-vegan restaurants but also those with options. It is especially useful on vacation! Happy eating!

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