Tulip Vacation

What to do during the Tulip Vacation?

The tulip vacation: This year it falls into the last week of February. So, from the 21st to the 25th of February we can enjoy some amazing time off of classes, lectures, and meetings. With this light of the tulip holiday shining bright and mighty, one might ask themselves how to spend these wonderful five days of relaxation? That is why ConnexCie and RedacCie decided to take up their pencils and together with good faith they will illuminate the dark and give you the answer to your question! But first, as everyone knows, it is wise to indulge in the past, before one starts to live in the present.

Why do we have a Tulip Vacation in the Netherlands?

The tulip holiday, also called carnival vacation or spring break, was first introduced in the seventies, to motivate the people of the Netherlands to go on wintersport vacation or to celebrate the carnival, hence the name carnival vacation. This extra vacation was meant to provide warmth and joy between the melancholy that tended to characterise the cold, barren days of winter. Since history for once is teaching us to simply enjoy life and live it without stress and the daily pressure: Let’s get to how we can do so! 

What to do during the Tulip Vacation?

A good vacation, of course, comes with some fun, enriching, and relaxing experiences. To save you some work and give you the chance to relax already prior to the vacation, we have made the ultimate to-do list for you!

  • For our cheese-lovers: Visit the Kaasmarkt (cheese market) Gouda (Every Thursday from 10.00 - 12.30)

  • For the ones who want to go back in time: Go to Marken (It is an island, the trip is often combined with a visit to Volendam)

  • For the explorers: A day-and city trip with Slangenreizen (minimum price of 24,95€, for more info check out their website

  • For the art-lovers: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam or Rijksmuseum Twenthe (for those who wish to enjoy art without travelling outside of Enschede) or you could also visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, to make the most out of your “Tulip” vacation

  • For our sporty members: Walk the route ‘Krijtlandpad’: A 90km (!) walking route which you can turn into a 1-week vacation, with campings and many cafés and restaurants along the way), look here for more information!

 What to do after the Tulip Vacation?

Although it is not likely to see actual tulips during the tulip holiday, it is good to keep in mind that you can see them in full bloom from around April to May. Now you may wonder: Where should I go then? We have two suggestions for you: 

  • Keukenhof Tulip Gardens : Located near Amsterdam, this is the perfect place to lay your sights on 800 different tulips (from 24th March - 15th  May 2022). 

  • From the 16th of April to the 8th of May, you can cycle between the tulips in the yearly tulip festival, see the website for more information!

We hope these suggestions are helpful for you and you are interested in trying out one or the other of them. If you do, let Dimensie know and send some photos of your amazing, tulipy experiences. Enjoy the calm days and we see you fresh and new on the 28th of February! 

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