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Giethoorn, or the Venice of the Netherlands, is a beautiful place in the Northern part of the Netherlands. You can rent a boat, sail the tiny canals, or take a boat trip. You can go and visit the museum and learn everything about the history of this beautiful town. Or, the best thing, in my opinion, is to bring snacks and drinks and enjoy it by the water. And even get an ice cream on the boat!

Remastered Rotterdam

If you are ever in the Rotterdam area, definitely check out Remastered Rotterdam. In Remastered Rotterman, you get a 60-minute long experience of classic Dutch art but then in digital, 3D form. Besides the beautiful art, you can also walk through a waterfall, let your own UFO fly on a giant LED screen, you can interact with fish, and fly through the clouds. And all this, just for €24.50.

Castle de Haar

We should not forget that the Netherlands has beautiful nature and buildings. A masterpiece that represents both of these is the giant and most luxurious castle in the country: Castle de Haar. The castle is located near Utrecht and is worth a total amount of 10 million euros. The castle was built somewhere in the 13th century. A ticket to visit the castle and the park is €18. Only want to see the park? No problem! You can get a ticket for only €7. 

Retro McDonalds, Best

Are you hungry, and do you love McDonald’s? This is the place to go. In the Dutch town ‘Best’, a retro McDonald’s will take you back to the ’50s. It has everything the first McDonald’s in the US has and more. From neon lights and gold records of the Rolling Stones to a Chevrolet Corvette on the ceiling. And when you think you have seen it all, look again! Behind the building, a gigantic statue of Michael Jackson was built that is now used as a memorial for the King of Pop himself. It is the place to bring Mr Jackson some flowers. 

Thermae 2000, Valkenburg

Are you looking to destress from your study? Have the best relaxing day at the Thermae 2000 in the beautiful Valkenburg in Limburg. You can enjoy their entire wellness facilities, enjoy the massage chair, and have a drink at the food truck for the price of €30. And when you are anyways, do not forget to visit the beautiful caves of Valkenburg!

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