It is time to wake up!

Dear readers, 

Yes, that is right, we are back with the blog posts! This blog will contain numerous interactive, entertaining and sometimes even educational subjects for you to read. 

Sleep, everybody needs it, some people need more sleep than others. But how much sleep is needed is up to the present day still debatable. You will prefer to sleep early or late, or short or long, sleep is unique for every person. Additionally, dreaming differs per person per day. In this blog, we will go deeper into dreams, how they form and what they are?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that we dream surrealistic things such as flying or rapid scene switches? Well, that is because your frontal lobe and primary visual cortex are inactivated during REM sleep. The frontal lobe and primary visual cortex are responsible for receiving and processing visual information, when these are inactivated, you can dream almost completely disconnected from the eternal world. This means that you are able to accept the dreams regardless of how bizarre they are. 

To add to that, according to well-known psychology legend Freud, dreaming is a result of two mental processes that counteract each other. In dream crafting, the initial phase involves subconscious forces constructing a wish that the dream expresses. The following phase plays out as a process of censorship, forcibly distorting the wish's expression. It's like a backstage drama where the dream's plot gets sneakily altered by these two conflicting forces.

“I must affirm that dreams really have a meaning and that a scientific procedure for interpreting them is possible.” SIGMUND FREUD

Freud also states that dreams are the disguised fulfilments of repressed infantile wishes. Even though Freud did not support dream dictionaries, he did think dreams have significant meaning. Especially the sphere of sexual life had sparked Freud’s interest. For that reason, there are many symbols in dreams that represent genitals. There are a variety of subjects that you would not link to female genitals, but Freud did, such as suitcases, boxes, churches, apples and fruits in general. Below are dream elements included along with their symbolism according to Freud’s theory.  

Here are some examples of the Freudian symbolisms in your dreams:

·  Flying → sexual desire

·  Losing teeth → anxiety about ageing 

·  Being naked → embarrassed, humiliated, and exposed

·  Dying → anxiety for the unknown, reaching a milestone, or fresh start

·  Being chased → trying to avoid something, something wants to catch up with you, or a recurring dream until you figure out the problem and resolve it

·  Driving / crashing a car → your drive and motivation and the direction of it

·  Exam time → feeling unprepared and lack of confidence

·  Being late → worry and anxiety about taking a different direction, or feeling that you are running out of time

·  Sweets: sexual delight

We wish you a lot of luck with the new module and sweet dreams!

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