Cheap Travelling

Summer is around the corner, and with it, the time to travel and explore other cities or countries. However, traveling can be expensive. To help you out in this regard, we collected some tips and tricks how you can make traveling more affordings without missing out. 



Knowing where to look for cheap flights and train- or bus rides can save much money, which can be greatly spent otherwise.

In general, downloading the apps of the bus, train or plane companies or subscribing for newsletters helps to stay up to date with special offers to save money. Moreover, being flexible with departure and arrival dates can help as well. Flights and train rides are often cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

  • Price comparison: Skyscanner and Kiwi for flexible dates, departure and arrival cities, Omio for train and bus rides

  • Flights: Ryanair and Wizzair 

  • Traveling on ground: Flixbus, Blablacar or Interrail 

  • Transportation: Bolt, Uber, Next Bike (similar to e.g., Bolt scooters but with bikes and monthly costs of 10€ for unlimited bike rides). Try to avoid taking the metro or bus, but rather walk to save money and see more about the city.



First of all, try to use complete days during your stay. Meaning, arrive in the morning and leave as late as possible. And those who travel overnight don’t have to pay for accommodation, just for some coffee or energy drinks. Moreover, asking doesn’t cause any harm. Use all connections possible and ask friends or friends from family if you can stay a night. Especially during summer it's always worth a try to look for empty rooms in shared flats. 

  • Websites: Hostelworld, AirBnB 



Always depending on your travel destination, but going grocery shopping at the local market is often cheaper than at a supermarket. Additionally, local products are not only cheaper (most of the time at least), but also help you to experience more of the country you traveled to. Of course cooking is always cheaper than going out for lunch or dinner. But if you do so, try to avoid typical tourist areas or city centers for going out. Sometimes it is enough to just walk around the corner in a small alley to find cheaper and more local meals. 

One more tip: especially in expensive countries, e.g., scandinavian countries, ordering food from TooGoodtoGo can get you tons of food for a small price. TooGoodtoGo is an app where you can order a “magic box” from restaurants etc. In the magic boxes are food or meals that they did not sell that day and would have thrown away otherwise.



Might sound simple, but helps a lot: google, google, google. Try to look beforehand for nice activities, student discounts or even activities with free entry. Most museen offer free entry some days a week. A lot of big cities offer free city walking tours, which are a great opportunity to get to know the city and new people. But; if you travel with a big group, you should book separately or with less than five people. Most companies ask for 5€ or 7€ per person in a bigger group.

  • Websites: Freewalkingtour, Guruwalk (Just do name a few, they do have a lot more companies in most cities) 

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