Walk with the Board Weeks

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Board 2022-2023
13 - 24 Mar 2023

Walk with the Board Weeks

The time has come to start looking for the 22nd Candidate Board of Dimensie!!

Are you interested in becoming a Board member but do not know a lot about the functions just yet? Do you want to see what being in a Board is like? 

Then this is your chance to join one, or multiple Board Members from the 21st Board in their daily tasks! 

You can sign up below and indicate which functions you would like to join and on which day, then we will try to schedule it in such a way that it fits you and the Board member! 

Ofcourse, if there are other dates which suit you best you can ofcourse also contact the Board member in question and schedule another date together! 

We are looking forward to it!

Kind regards, 

21st Board of S.V. Dimensie