Visit Mediant Enschede

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Carreer Week Committee
Feb 8, 2023
Mediant Enschede

Visit Mediant Enschede

The opening event of the 2023 CareerWeek is a very original one; we are going to visit one of the most prominent organisations when it comes to all  aspects of Mental Health Care. 

On the 8th of February we are going to visit one of the Establishments of Mediant. in Enschede. At this Location we will get the privilege to get a tour as well as a few small lectures  about all of the possibilities within Mediant Enschede. For example, did you know that Mediant also offers internships for Master Psychology students? Or that Mediant offers up to 19 different specialisations, such as but not limited to Eating Disorders, Pychotrauma, Bipolar Disorders as well as Youth Care establishments? During the lectures the people working at Mediant will share their experiences with the different ways of working within all  of the different specialisations that  they offer. 

The day will  start at 1230 and will last until 16.00

We hope to see you on the 8th!

- CareerWeek Committee 2022-2023


P.S. The address is Broekheurnering 1050 Enschede 


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