StAf Tournament

About this event

Date and time
24 Apr 2023 18:00 - 6 Jun 2023 18:00
University Football Fields

This is a great day for our football lovers within Dimensie. The StAF tournament is back and we need you to win it! 
This is a football competition between all the study associations of the University of Twente. Dimensie is going to participate with two teams: one women only team (7v7) and a mixed one (11vs11) where Ideefiks (Study Association Philosophie) will join us.
The StAf tournament will be held between the 24th of April until the 8th of June for the mixed team and between the 5th and 8th of June for the women’s one.
If you don’t want to play make sure to come and cheer for us during the games!


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