Project BMS: Wellbeing is more than just mental health

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Date and time
Jan 19, 2022 12:30 - 13:30
RA 2503, UT

Project BMS: Wellbeing is more than just mental health

"Wellbeing is more than just mental health" is something you have probably thought about yourself before. But, how exactly is wellbeing of students taken care of at the BMS Faculty? How do we ensure that students and staff members are doing well? What else can we do? Join us next Wednesday (19.01) during lunch break (12:30-13:30) to have a fruitful (guided) discussion on this topic. Project BMS is a panel discussion happening once every quartile where we get to know the opinion of all BMS students on different relevant topics. The feedback from students is then transferred to the BMS Faculty to perhaps make an impact on teaching, organization, or even policy writing at the Faculty level. We are looking forward to hearing your opinion! There will be free lunch for everyone who attends. 


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