Groningen Trip

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Jun 23, 2023
Groningen University

Groningen Trip

Are you looking for more Master’s options to continue your studies? Are you lost what options you have outside of Enschede? EducaCie and ExpediCie are giving you the opportunity to look further than just Enschede. We are inviting you on a trip to Groningen!

On the 23rd of June, we will go to the beautiful student city of Groningen. We will travel from Enschede to Groningen as early as 9.00. We will provide you with a city tour and a museum visit! Lunch and dinner will also be provided. We will travel back together in the evening.

The participation fee for this event will be a maximum of 10 euros! (Do you have free Dutch OV? Then the participation fee will be a maximum of 5 euros!)

So, do you want to explore outside of Enschede and see the north of the country? Don’t hesitate and join us on the trip!





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