Christmas Market Trip

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Date and time
Dec 9, 2022 13:00 - 22:30
Munster Christmas Market

Christmas Market Trip


Dear Members, we have a great trip planned to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy Christmas- treats! This year we are able to do this trip again for the first time after Covid-19 so we are very excited to share this with you. The trip will be by train to the Christmas markets in Münster, where you can explore the main 6 Christmas markets and more! 🎅

We will meet at 13:00 at Enschede Central Station (train). With the option to travel back to Enschede from Münster sometime around 21:00 (when the market closes) or stay there and make your own way home.

The group tickets are for 5 people, please consider what group you might want to be there with because you have to travel home together too!

Please tick off on the next page when you sign up whether you have free travel between here, Enschede and Münster to know how many train tickets will be necessary from the sign up list.

The fee for this event is 5€ (if you don’t have free travel within this train route or NRW-Semesterticket, otherwise it's FREE).


-  You still need face masks on German trains!

-  Remember to bring cash, as far as we know they don't take bank cards at the markets.


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