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First-Year Committee
Date and time
Jun 8, 2023 20:00 - 22:00


If you are into humorous stories, creative drinking and rowdy songs, a cantus might just be right for you! This ancient activity has been a fan favourite in Dutch student culture for over a hundred years and can be described as the most elaborate drinking game, a comedy show, Idols for absolute beginners or all three at the same time. During the cantus we will sing songs, share stories of our beautiful and silly members and drink to their continued existence.

So suit up and get your stories ready! In the meanwhile you can send these stories to! 

if you have not yet filled in the forms please still do so ;

The exact costs for the event are still to be determined the maximum will be 10 euros, but one thing is for sure; first year's can join for free! 

If this seems interesting to you be sure to reserve a spot at the website. See you on the 8th of June at 20 in Educafe! 



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