Ronald Roskam - Positive Psychology & Technology

Doctor of Psychology, Pro Persona, Team Anxiety, Compulsion and Trauma 

Location: CR 3C

SPS-NIP Workshop -  Power of Persuasion

Have you always wondered how you can persuade the other in a subtle way in order for him to do as you please? How are those “masters” of persuasion able to convince others with only their charisma and communication skills so easily? More importantly: how could YOU use your own power of persuasion to motivate and encourage the other to do as you wish? Don’t worry, the training “Power of Persuasion” will provide you with several techniques on how to unconsciously persuade the other. During this training you will work with the 6 principles of Cialdini. At the end of the training you will not only have gained insight in the meaning of the terms ‘persuasion’ and ‘influence’ but you will also be able to effectively use them in your daily life! Convinced already? Sign up for this training!

Location: CR 3F


Jana Domrose & Mayes Katab - Conflict, Risk & Safety

Trainees at Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV, Institute for Safety)

The two PCRS-alumni will give you an insight into their career and present work at the Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid, the institute for disaster relief and public crisis management in the Netherlands. Presenting one of the psychology-related projects they are currently working on, they will ask you for some personal ideas about the realization of effective communication during crisis. If you are interested in the practical application of social psychology within the domain of physical safety, this interactive workshop might be just right for you.

Location: CR 2M