General information

Welcome on the page for the Experience Your Future Day 2018!

This day is organized in collaboration with SPS-NIP - a national organisation for psychology students. 

During the EYF day you have a chance to get in touch with several alumni from all UT Psychology masters. They will tell you about the study path they followed to get where they are now. Besides this we offer several workshops in order for you to develop your professional skills and we invited the UT BMS lab to tell you about the technologies they have in store. 

The day is divided as follows (more information about the specific rounds can be found in the menu):

Opening with coffee and tea15:30 - 16:00    

Round 1 

16:20 - 17:20

Positive Psychology & Technology
Health Psychology & Technology
Human Factors Engineering
BMS lab - interventions with technology

Round 217:30 - 18:30Positive Psycholgy & Technology
Workshop SPS-NIP
Conflict, Risk and Safety
Learning Sciences
Dinner18:30 - 19:30Free dinner included in your ticket
Round 319:30 - 20:30Positive Psychology & Technology
Workshop PhD
Workshop SPS-NIP
Human Factors Engineering