Voluntary work at JoHo: Summary Supporters & WorldSupportermoderators

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Voluntary work at JoHo: Summary Supporters & WorldSupportermoderators

  • Posted at Mar 14, 2022
  • Universal vacancies

JoHo is continuously looking for Summary Supporters & WorldSupportermoderators

Activities in brief:

  • You help to promote JoHo World Supporter.
  • You share knowledge and tips about your own study with your fellow students and with JoHo.
  • You stimulate the use of the international collaboration environment for the international JoHo's.

Competences you can gain and other benefits: a.o.:

Reimbursement / Benefits

  • Free JoHo subscription.
  • Free ongoing travel insurance.
  • Free JoHo summaries during your academic year.
  • Volunteer fee.

Competences you need and other conditions: a.o.:


  • Enthusiastic university or HBO student.
  • Preferably a member of a study or student association.
  • Having a (student) network (online or in person).

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