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Children can achieve more than they think they can. However, they have to experience that first.
Unfortunately, not every child gets an opportunity to do so. This is why Move brings these children into
contact with students. They can help them achieve something positive in their own neighbourhood. This
way, children discover what they are worth. 

Students are role models for the children, and they assist them where they can during the project. Here, their
worlds meet! Students see what it is like to grow up in a deprived neighbourhood and the children see what
student life is like. This exchange is an enriching experience for everyone involved.

Promote the social visibility of your association
During a Move project a committee from a student association will actively work on realising a plan with a group of children from a primary school (ages 10 to 13). It can either be a sport-, student- or social association. The children are the creative leaders during a project. Students are there to make sure their ideas will become reality. A Move project takes about four to six months. During this time both groups will achieve something positive for the children’s neighbourhood.

Learn how to manage a project and develop your talents During a Move project you will invite the children into your world and vice versa. Together you will explore and discuss what can be done to make their neighbourhood better and will develop a plan to realize one of the ideas raised. An idea could be to create an area to relax in the schoolyard, to place a work of art in an obscure alley or to organise a festive get-together for neighbours. You will be coached and guided by a Move project coordinator. He or she will help to write a solid plan and will make sure you employ your own talents. In the end you will know exactly how to motivate and activate a group of children and really achieve something together!

Team up with third parties like companies, the municipality and schools
The Move project coordinator will help you get into contact with the school and a so-called social partner, like a company, the municipality or a housing association. They can help support your project by supplying knowledge or finances. Maybe you can also call in the help of an artist or an architect to achieve a great end result for example. By teaming up with others you will be able to actually put the ideas into practice.