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The LEXsy committee organizes psychology-related lectures. LEXsy’s mission is to spread knowledge, usually in the form of short lectures and workshops (30 to 45 minutes). The lectures and workshops will cover a variety of different topics: from science to society! Lectures will focus on exploring different psychology-related theories, while workshops will focus on the application of psychology-related theories in practice, especially on building skills and competencies. LEXsy is passionate about inspiring and stirring curiosity, while also empowering, and equipping students with new ideas, insights, and skills. 

This year, LEXsy will organize three main events. First, LEXsy will organize a sustainability week hosting speakers who will address topics such as climate crisis, veganism, and the pandemic. Furthermore, LEXsy will organize an education month hosting speakers who will share their knowledge on topics such as mental health, psychedelics, intelligence gathering, resilience etc. Lastly, LEXsy will organize a diversity month hosting speakers who will address LGBTQIA+ topics. 

By joining LEXsy, you will get a lot of networking opportunities, while also benefiting from the ideas, insights, knowledge, and experiences of all speakers. So, if you are passionate about spreading knowledge, this committee is the perfect choice for you! Once a week, we meet online to brainstorm, come up with new ideas on lecture topics that should be covered and voices that we believe should be heard, invite guest speakers, plan and organize lunch lectures, and finally host all the lectures. In general, committee work will take up 1 to 2 hours a week. LEXsy is still looking for members to join. If you are interested in joining LEXsy, please let us know!

You can reach the LEXsy via email.

The LEXsy 2021/2022 consists of:

ChairJanina Eggers
SecretaryKim Nina Strohmeier
TreasurerLisa Zeppelzauer
General MemberLeo Materne
Board representativeMartyna Dremo

f.l.t.r.: Martyna Dremo, Lisa Zeppelzauer, Janina Eggers, Leo Materne, Kim Nina Strohmeier