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Authorisation: Download, sign and deliver aforementioned authorisation form to the board. See below for more information about the authorisationprocedure.
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Authorisation form

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Download, sign and deliver aforementioned authorisation form to the board.

When you choose for an authorisation, you give Dimensie the right to withdraw the yearly contribution à €10, – of your bankaccount until further notice. You can give this authorisation by downloading aforementioned form, print it out, sign it, and give it to the board.
Transfering: you can transfer the contribution of €10, – to account number: NL22 RABO 0129 6916 66 (BIC: RABONL2U) t.n.v. Dimensie met omschrijving contribution [name] [collegeyear] e.g. Contribution Arie Berkhout 2105/2106. Making yourself a non-member by sending a mail to The membership is active from the moment the board has receiverd the authorisation or contribution


The information that you fill in on this form, will be treated confidentially. In case of cooperation with other groups, it is sometimes needed to share this information partially. For example, your studentnumber will be shared with the booksalesystem, where you can order your books. Furthermore, companies can check your birthday, first and last name if your a member at Dimensie. With this, they can give you discount for example.

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