The KIC’D is the Kick-In Committee of Dimensie, who organises the educational Kick-In for Psychology. This committee is taking care of a nice and usefull introduction for the coming firstyears students, by combining fun, parties and education. The students get to know their fellow students, the university and the staff with this introduction. The committee is driven and enthusiastic to organise a fantastic educational Kick-In. The KIC’D provides dinner and the do-groupmarket on the first day. The KIC’D also provides the monday, tuesday and wednesday. We are going on an awesome camp with many activities on which the coming students will be prepared for an fun study and Dimensie year!


The KIC’D members 2016/2017 are:

Aurora Munaretto – Chairman
Fenna Boerkamp – Secretary
Henrik ten Berge – Treasurer
Leila Miadi – General Member
Yara Levtova – General Member
Robbin Koopman – Contactperson board

You can reach the KIC’D via