Many students try to stand out from the large groups of students that graduate each year. Psychology alone accounts for 3000 new freshmen students that all graduate together. So how does one diploma stand out from the rest? To differentiate between applications, employers often look at what a student did next to his or her study. Activism definitely stands out.

Do you want to know more about what activism can mean for you? How it can improve your college experience and kick start your career? Look at this video!

Beneath you will find a summary of all advantages that are listed in the video.

Some examples:

  • Activism looks good on your CV.
  • You learn to organize and immediately use your experience for your study and work
  • The contact with fellow students and companies will come in handy later in your study and working life

Dimensie connects fun and (personal) improvement. There are different committees, groups of students, that meet every week in order to plan and organize a variety of activities. By organizing lectures, parties or symposia you will learn certain qualities that you’ll need later in your life. Examples of those qualities are leadership, working in a team, meeting with others, getting in contact with companies and many more. The Student Union has a text about competences and a competence guide on their website, which you can find here.

Becoming active?
Do you have a plan to stand out from the crowd in order to find a fitting job more quickly? Study association Dimensie gives you the chance to evolve your talents. After all, it’s not called a study association for nothing. On the Dimensie website under the header “association” and “committees” you will find an overview of all (active) committees within Dimensie. By clicking one of the commissies you will get more information about what the committee does and who this year’s members are.

You can become active throughout the whole year. Subscribing for a committee is very easy. Send an email to or come to the Rubix, our association room. During a short talk together we’ll take a look at your interests and the degree of effort you want to put into your activism. Activism can easily be combined with your education, also within the Twents Education Model (TEM or TOM). Apart from being very useful activism is also a lot of fun! You will meet a lot of new people from different years and backgrounds. Each year the board organizes a few activities to thank all active members, like an Active Member Evening and an Active Member Weekend.